Divemaster Internship program

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Job Description

Merlin Divers offers for divers and non-divers who aim to get a diving education up to Dive Guide / Divemaster a 3 month internship program.
A Dive Guide candidate will be thoroughly familiarized with customer service, dive planning, in-water supervision, equipment maintenance and servicing, and more aspects of being a pro. This experience, along with the fact that the interns will have worked as a Dive Guide, allows us to issue a job reference to successful candidates.

The offered program will also ensure the experience is gained with diving courses by assisting our instructors (planning, conducting, and course standards). Therefore, if the aim is to become a diving instructor after the program, the preparation is already done!

At the end of the program, a candidate will have at least 100 dives to 120 dives.

– competent swimmer
– physically and mentally fit for scuba diving
– basic English communication skills required
– sufficient funds for living in Phuket for 3 months

Program Highlights
Live on one of the most beautiful and famous islands in the world
Enjoy the culture and living style of the Thai society in a tropical environment
See almost all famous things there are to encounter when diving
Experience contact with all kinds of people from all over the world