Freediving Instructor

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Job Description

Our client is a leading provider of aquatic experiences, committed to promoting water safety, adventure, and personal growth. We are currently seeking a passionate and experienced Freediving Instructor to join our dynamic team. If you have a love for the ocean, a deep understanding of freediving techniques, and a dedication to providing exceptional instruction, we want to hear from you.

As a Freediving Instructor at [Your Company Name], you will play a crucial role in delivering high-quality, safe, and enjoyable freediving courses to individuals of varying skill levels. You will be responsible for instructing students in essential freediving skills, promoting safety practices, and fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct Freediving Courses: Plan and execute freediving courses, ensuring that all participants receive comprehensive instruction on safety, techniques, and equipment usage.

Assess Student Abilities: Evaluate the skills and abilities of each student, adapting teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles and levels of experience.

Safety Oversight: Prioritize and enforce safety protocols, emphasizing the importance of responsible freediving practices. Conduct regular safety briefings and drills.

Provide Feedback: Offer constructive feedback to students to help them improve their technique, breath-holding capabilities, and overall freediving performance.

Equipment Maintenance: Oversee the maintenance and care of all freediving equipment, ensuring it meets safety standards. Instruct students on proper equipment usage and care.

Promote Environmental Awareness: Instill a sense of environmental responsibility by educating students about marine life conservation and promoting eco-friendly freediving practices.

Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in freediving, safety standards, and instructional techniques. Attend workshops and training to continuously improve and enhance teaching skills.


Certifications: Hold current certifications as a Freediving Instructor from recognized agencies (e.g., PADI Freediver Instructor, AIDA Instructor).

Experience: Proven experience as a Freediving Instructor with a successful track record of teaching diverse groups of students.

Communication Skills: Strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

Passion for Freediving: Genuine passion for freediving, the ocean, and a commitment to sharing that passion with others.

First Aid and CPR Certification: Current certifications in First Aid and CPR are required.

How to Apply:
If you are a skilled and enthusiastic Freediving Instructor looking to join a dynamic team, please submit your resume, cover letter, and relevant certifications